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A company that creates new businesses and supports the discovery of new talent.

Please tell us your "what should I do?"

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 The business production we provide is ideally to realize the ideal form that the customer really wants to achieve as the form of the business that is unique to the customer. We will set a clear target and we will find and support the missing pieces. We can provide a wide range of support from organization building to marketing and IT utilization. Based on our experience and achievements so far, we will make the best proposal for your company.
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                                                                                                Innovrec CEO Sachiko Matsuoka


Company Profile




CEO: Sachiko Matsuoka

Location: 1846-5 Kusama, Nakano City, Nagano Prefecture

電 話:0269-27-4119

F A X0269-26-5967

Business content: Management consulting

Setting: June 1, 2016 (June 1, 2016)


Services provided

Group of Asian waiting for an interview
New business planning & support

Based on our abundant consulting experience and on-site experience, we will put our customers first and consider ourselves. We would like to help you create new businesses and play a part in your company's development. I think so. Let's work together to bring out our wisdom, collect and analyze the latest information, and think about better business development.

​Logistics consulting

As competition with other companies intensifies, we will support the solution of problems to the managers who are making daily efforts. We will visualize and propose how to improve labor productivity and reduce costs.

Recruiting business consulting & agency

Acquiring excellent human resources is an important factor in corporate development. It also requires careful strategy and planning to achieve this. We will support your recruitment with our achievements. Specifically, we will act as an interviewer, create job advertisements, create job vacancies, hold company information sessions, and follow up on joining the company.

Outsourcing (on behalf of general office work)

We will take care of all the paperwork. By outsourcing a part of the paperwork, it is possible to reduce labor costs in the long term and improve the labor productivity of employees. Let's try to streamline internal operations. Please feel free to contact us for document preparation, minutes preparation, payroll calculation, etc.


case study


Case ③ Recruiting and recruitment support

We held a company information session every month and were able to hire 10 excellent human resources for the third consecutive year. It is still being held.

This is a case where steady efforts have led to results.

Transportation business Large-scale business company C



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